№4, 2013



The Department of justice informs

N. Bogomolova. Intellectual sparring..... 4


Congratulations L. Kozhemyakina with the awarding......9

Congratulations R. Maksakova with a successful defense of the doctoral dissertation.... 10

Science news

Materials of international scientific-practical conference "Modern legal science: theory and practice" (The continuation. Beginning in №2, 3/2013)

Section V. The criminal process; investigative activities; criminalistics; forensic examination; advocacy

Anikina N.P. The New Law of Ukraine "On advocacy and legal practice": achievements and miscalculations...........11

Balashova I.L. Resolution on the appointment of a forensic medical examination from a practical point of view - the first step in obtaining evidence in criminal proceedings... 14

Grinenko S.O. Disadvantages of normative-legal regulation of the use of confidential cooperation in the interests of operational-investigative activity and criminal justice.....16

Gustnova P.A. Religious and legal principles of Islamic justice..... 18

Komashko V.V. Control over the crime: the legal framework.......20

Kuchinska O.P. The witness and the time of purchase of their procedural status in criminal proceedings... 24

Maryshev A.D. Some of the questions the tactics of the interaction between an investigator and inspector at the pre-trial investigation........27

Panferova M.V. Investigative actions and the completion of the preliminary investigation in the production in a criminal case in view of possible rehabilitation of the deceased suspect, accused...29

Ustimenko D.E. The legal framework planning operational activities, which are guided by the Department of state protection of Ukraine and other law enforcement agencies in providing security of persons and objects for which there is state protection..... 31

Khomich M.C. About the necessity of criminal procedure of differentiation decisions in a stage of excitation of criminal case..... 35


Section VI. Forensic medicine

Barinov E.H., Romodanovsky P.O., Cherkalina E.N. The object and subject of forensic investigations in civil cases related to medical disputes..... 39

Dobrovolskaya N.E., Barinov E.H., Romodanovsky P.O., Skrebneva N.A. In contractual and non-contractual relations in the provision of medical services.........42

Kosyhina O.I., M. Sukhareva M.A. Dynamics of forensic examinations in cases of doctors in civil proceedings in the period from 2000 to 2012 (according to the establishment of health care of DFM MO, DFM, Moscow).. 46

Oleinikov G.V. Psychological aspects of the police officers in the professional deformation.. 49

Romodanovsky P.O., Barinov E.H., Kameneva E.Y., Petrov S.V. The purpose of forensic examination in civil cases involving inadequate medical care... 52

Tikhomirov A.V., Romodanovsky P.O., Barinov E.H. Organizational ways of improving the legal validity of forensic medical examinations for civil cases involving personal injury when providing medical care.......... 54


The attention of scientists

Len V.V. The staff of Zaporizhzhya police state awards of the USSR, Ukraine in 1958-2013 years: historical-legal research: monograph........58

Enforcement policy in modern Russia: problems of formation and implementation: proceedings of the International round table....... 59


The bright memory of Professor Kalman O.G. devoted..........60