Publishing policies


Dear authors!

Articles in Ukrainian, Russian or English are accepted in the chapter ''Scientific Idea'' to be published, in which the following points are reflected:

  • the statement of a problem in general and its connection with the important scientific or practical tasks;
  • the analysis of the last achievement and publications in which the decisions of the given is begun the and the author grounds;
  • the emphasizing unsolved parts of a general problem this article is devoted to;
  • the defining of the article tasks;
  • the summary of the basic material of a research with a complete ground of the received scientific results;
  • conclusions of the given research and perspectives of the further prospects in the given approach.

The text of article should be typed in the editor Word (95,98, 2000, ХР), font Times New Roman, 14 pt, line spacing - 1,5. The desirable size of the article from 8 up to 15 pages. The references to sources should be in the text in square brackets. For example - [1, with 28]. Bibliographic parameters of sources to specify at the end of the article, as the list of the used literature under the order of occurrence them in the text. At the end of the article to be put the signature of the author.

To the text of the article is added:

  • the information about the author (surname, name, patronymic, scientific degree, scientific rank, place of work, post, post address, E-mail, telephone number);
  • to the post-graduate students, the post-graduates in a military college, competitors it is necessary to apply an extract from the protocol of session of the department on the recommendation of the article to the publication, or review of the scientific supervisor, or a scientist having a scientific degree;
  • a photo of the author (at will);
  • he diskette with the text of the article (is desirable in a format RTF).

The materials can be sent by email or using contact page.


The subscribers of a magazine have the right to advantages at definition of sequence of the publications.

The author of the article has the responsibility for the truth of the sent information and accuracy of the quoted text.

The editorial staff reserves the right to itself to make reductions and to make modifications to the text of the article.

The originals of materials, which are received by editorial staff, are not given back.