№1, 2014



News of Science

Zelenkevych L.P. International Scientific and Practical Conference "Theoretical bases and realization practice of legal policy." (4-5)

Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference "Theoretical Principles and practice of implementing legal policy"

I. Theory and History of State and Law; philosophy of law; History of Political and Legal Studies

Albegova I.F., Shamatonova G.L. The institutionalization of civil society: methodology study and practice implementation. (p.6-9)

Ankusheva K.A. The legal status of urban estates of the Russian Empire (the end of XVIII - beginning of XX century.) ... (p.9-12)

Belousov S.A. On the question of balance of interests in private legal relations. (p.13-16)

Berdnikova S.A. Problems of implementation of legal policy in the field of labour relations in the Russian Empire in the XIX - early XX centuries (p. 16-19)

Holovchuk V.M. Place specialized law in the mechanism of legal regulation. (p. 19-21)

Ivannikov I. A. Some problems of the development of state and law through the prism of national ideas. (p. 21-27)

Ignatenko K.E. To the question about the principle of "not prohibited by law is permitted." (p. 27-30)

Komarov S.A. The strategy of legal policy in message of the President of the Russian Federation. (p. 30-33)

Mazurenko A.P. Interaction of legislative politics and culture of lawmaking: the theoretical aspect. (p. 33-35)

Malko A.V., Sanina A.S. Legal policy in the sphere of Internet relations: a comparative analysis. (p. 36-39)

Nimetullaeva S.S. Conditions of activity of the orphan courts Taurian province and their ethnic composition. (p. 39-42)

Pavlukov I.I. Legal incentives as a means of legal action. (p. 42-45)

Rulev M.S. Historical analysis of reforming the system of land survey and boundary court in the Russian Empire in XVIIII - XIX centuries (p. 45-48)

Simytin V.V. The principle of functional orientation as a criterion for the separation of structure elements the mechanism of the modern state. (p. 49-51)

Soldatkina O.L. The development of information legislation as a priority of legal information policy. (p. 51-53)

Syhova N.I. Political unpredictability in the effectiveness of legal policy. (p. 54-56)

Uvchenko S.V. Features of the execution of court decisions in the USSR in the great Patriotic war. (p. 57-59)

II. Constitutional law

Alberda T.G. Constitutional and legal mechanism for the implementation of delegated powers bodies of local self-government. (p. 59-62)

Artemova D.I. The functions of constitutional justice. (p. 62-65)

Verbitskya T.V. The strategy of interdependence within the framework of national security as the Institute of constitutional law. (p. 65-68)

Drozdova A.M. The public importance of the constitutional ideas of A.D. Sakharovf. (p. 68-72)

Zametina T.V. Ethnic factors of Russian federalism. (p. 72-74)

Magkenova A.S. Relations between state bodies and public associations: constitutional-legal aspect. (p. 75-77)

Maksakova R.M. The lack of a uniform classification and search the determining criterion to separate the constituent authorities on the species. (p. 77-81)

Sincov G.V. About the importance of social control in the Russian Federation for public authorities. (p. 81-83)

Tsaturyan T.V., Haritonova O.N. Optimization model of separation of powers and authority in the Russian Federation. (p. 83-87)

To attention of scientists

Theoretical Foundation and practical implementation of the legal policy : international scientific-practical conference, Zaporozhye, 26.12.2013,): abstracts. (p. 88)

Marmyta I.L. Warning selfish crimes against property passengers committed on railway transport (according to the materials of the North Caucasus region) : monograph. (p. 89)


Zanfirova T.A., Koshova T.V. Features of pension provision in foreign countries. (p. 90-96) Smolarova M.L. Legal incentives of teleworking: foreign experience. (p. 97-103).