№5, 2010



Personality in science (bibliographic essay) Doctor of Philosophy, Professor Vladimir Bekh. (p.63-71)

To attention of scientifics

V.Len’, N.Kniga. Compulsory medical measures: history, status, trends. (p.72)

News of science

Conference in memory of Doctor of law, Professor L.Streltsov (1918-1979). (p.73-74)

E. Streltsov. “Always near ...”. (p.75-80)

Scientific practical seminar “Organizational and legal principles of prevention of economic crime in Ukraine.”. (p.81)

A. Kresin. Second international scientific symposium “Days of comparative law”. (p.82-90)


I. Bolokan, O.Bichkovskaia. Board of national advocacy of Austria. (p.91-93)

V.Len’. Mental disease: the queastion of differentiation of injury severity. (p.94-97)

V. Much. Community and distribution. (p.98-100)

D. Sits. Historical genesis of formation of article 181 of the Criminal code of Ukraine. (p.101-107)

M.Tkalich. Features of the formation of theproperty of sports clubs. (p.108-114)