№4, 2010



Personality in science (bibliographic essay) Doctor of Social Sciences, Professor, O.Skidin. (p.62-63)

To attention of scientifics

A. Dudorov. Selected works on criminal law. (p.64)

E.Kharitonov. Criminal legal opinions of A. Kostiakovskii: Scientific Heritage and Its Value for the Modern Criminal-Moral Research: Monograph. (p.65)

News of science

The all-Ukrainian scientific-practical conference “Legal State: Past, Present and Prospects of Formation in Ukraine”. (p.66-67)

“A round table” on “Problems of administrative activity of district inspector of police”. (p.67)

International Scientific Roundtable in Zaporozhie Law Institute. (p.68)

Review of Doctor of Law, Prof. A.Dudorov on prepared manuscript of the monograph. (p.69-70)

Review of Doctor of Law, Prof. V. Emelianov on prepared manuscript of the monograph. (p.71-72)

Review of Doctor of Law, Prof. A. Kalman on prepared manuscript of the monographan. (p.73-74)


V. Glukhov. Some methodological, theoretical and legal basis for the study of national systems of church (canon) law of X - XVII centuries. (p.75-83)

J. Nikitina. Historical conditions and legal regulation of limitation of voting rights of russian citizens in the second half of XIX century. (p.84-89)

V. Prilutskaia. Evolution of the idea of authoritarian state. (p.90-93)

E.Samorodniaia. Grounds for refusal to register a candidate: improvement of legal regulation. (p.94-101)

N. Semeniuta. Institute of responsibility of the state before the person as a guarantee of constitutional rights and freedoms of man and citizen. (p.102-110)