International scientific journal «Power. Man. Law.»  is based on intellectual potential of scientists from different countries of the world.

The journal was started  at December, 2001, as a regional scientific publication and later became country-wide with theory and practice sides.

From June, 2008 journal became international, that allowed not only to extend the circle of the lighted up questions but also increase the amount of readers.

A journal is published monthly and has the permanent headings: «News of Law», «Human Rights», «Scientific Thought», «Judicial Act», and other.

From №6, 2008  the new heading «Personality in science» was added, it will light up the vital and creative ways of anchorwomen of scientists.  

Articles are published in Ukrainian, Russian and English languages.

Scientific directions of journal:

• Questions of theory and history of the state and law theory, histories of political and legal studies, legal philosophy.

• Problems of theory and practice of application of norms of criminal law, criminally-executive right, criminal procedure.

• Questions about development of conceptions and doctrines of criminology.

• Development of criminalistics, legal expertise, forensic medicine.

• Problems of constitutional right.

• Theory and practice of application of norms of civil law, civil procedure, domestic right, economic right and process, law of master and servant, land law, ecolaw.

• Application of norms of international law.

• Problems of administrative law and process.

• Theoretical positions and practice of application of norms of other branches of law.

• Questions of theory and history of public administration, development of mechanisms of public administration.

• Development of government service.

• Problems of development of local self-government.

• Questions of theory and history of political science.

• Development of political institutes, processes, culture and ideology.

• Political problems of the international systems and global development.

• Questions of theory and history of sociology, methodology and methods of sociological researches.

• Problems of general, social, political and legal psychology.

• Questions of dialectics and methodology of cognition, philosophy of science and education.


Editorial college hopes that presented to your attention journal will become reliable friend and helper in difucult and responsible road of scientific activity.

Founder is public organization «Association of graduating students of faculty of law of the Zaporozhia state university».

Address editorial office: 69097, Ukraine, Zaporozhia, Zaporozhskaya Cossacks street, 17/43.

tel. (061) 277-03-94.

e-mail: editor@vlz.in.ua

site: www.vlz.in.ua

A journal is registered by Ministry of justice of Ukraine - certificate of registration of print media №14184-3155 PR Series of KV from 11.06.2008.